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You do not pay for a fancy package just for a great product.
Programs are design by Thomas E. Olding MS,RD/LD,DTR who has over 24 years in the food service industry. He has worked as a Food Service Worker at the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma V.A. Hospital for 12 years, Registered Dietary Technician / Dietary Manager for over 6 years, Dietitian/ Oklahoma State Department of Health Qualified Nutritionist (nursing home consulting) for 4 years and now a Registered/Licensed Dietitian (nursing home consulting).    
Our Diet Card, Dietary Charting software and foodservice training programs are designed by someone who has worked from a dishwasher to Regestered Dietitian in dietary/food service industry. These programs are design to turn your Dietary Managers into superstar.
Our Program Designer
Diet Card Maker is a computerized
meal card program that allows your
dietary department to: 
Print / create reusable or disposable
meal card / tickets,
Print snacks and food labels,
Create and print detailed reports
Print likes and dislike worksheet/form
and has a lot of other applications.
One time payment 
Diet Card Maker Pro is two computerized dietary programs in one. Diet Card Maker plus a powerful dietary calculation program. This program will enable your dietary department calculate complex dietary calculations in seconds.
•Diet Card Maker Pro calculates ,Ideal Body Weight (IBW), IBW Range, Percent of IBW,
•Adjusted IBW Due to Amputations, Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Body Mass Index,
•Harris Benedict (BEE TEE and Adjustments for Obesity),
• 30, 90, and 180 day weight change percentages,
• weekly weight change percentages
• basic monthly charting.
• Reports and more.
One time payment

T&L Olding Nutritional Consulting mission is provide dietary software and job training programs  to Resident/Patient care facilities who are always on a shoe string budget.
Our Mission Statement
The purpose of ATPC program is to provide all new food service workers the basic skills, knowledge, hands on training, and testing to accomplish their daily duties.

Step 1:  Assessing Current Skills: Take Food Handlers Exam Pre-Test.
Step 2:  Training: Basic Food Safety, Equipment,   & Diets Training by ATPC Book or ATPC slide show presentation
Step 3:  Performing: Hands on Training and Evaluation with Trainer or Dietary Manager.
Step 4:  Certification: Complete new employee training check list and Food handlers Exam
Step 5: Retrain:  Repeat Steps 2, 3 and 4 if employee fails any certification
Step 6:  90 Day Performance Evaluation: Dietary Manager complete 90 day certification check list
One Time Payment
ATPC Professional     $125.00
ATPC Basic (USB)     & 75.00
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Dietary Charting Assistant II & Professional:
These two programs Diet Card Maker Pro. charting to a new level. They are designed to make your Dietary Charting alot easie and faster. These programs automatically calculate and record data on a data base. This Resident information then prints very detailed Nutritional Assessments, Quarterly / Monthly Assessments, print dietary recommendation forms, very detailed reports and
Tube Feeding Assessments (Dietary Charting Assistant Professional ONLY).
One time payment
Dietary Charting Assistant II     $200.00
Dietary Charting Professional   $250.00
Dietary Charting
Diet Card Maker
Diet Card Maker Pro.
ATPC Program
Dietary Charting  Assistant
45 day Free Trial